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Tempest – Columbia – 2012

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The Doors of Perception have been cleansed in blood. The blood of who? Everyone. Why was this blood spilled? That’s none of your damn business. This record is as tough, rusted and worn as they come. Also from the creaking and weathervane sound of it, it has been rode hard in the High-Noon-Golgotha-Sun and hung up waterboarded from greasy head to despicable toe.

Preparing oneself before listening to this record is a fool’s errand because the tempest coming is through playing it safe and Bob Dylan has clearly had enough. Enough of what you may ask? Of everything still breathing or not quite dead yet. Of people, places and things shot full of light and killed for absolutely no good reason.

This is a dance record even the King of Kings would be proud of. And this is a record of wheelbarrow proportions that refuses to back down and isn’t afraid to twist and shout.

Passion-Play-Zeitgeist #2

I'm moving. I'm not quite standing still and this music is dancing on my freshly dug grave. The phone in the other room is ringing off the hook and I'm choking on this happy-go-lucky-dirge-music. I hate myself for loving you and the weakness that it shows and I hate myself for continuing to play this losing hand for more than it is worth. There was abandoned love and there was shadow love and there was a love that crawled across cut glass to make a deal, but the kind of love it takes to climb these walls and cross these bridges has not been seen for a multitude of emaciated centuries.

The songs on this John-the-Baptist-Bluebird-platter will string you up on a cross of your own making as we do our best to stay alive and relevant in this forbidden train car on the outskirts of this cubist town. The plague is over, if there ever was a plague. Revolution in the air is still very much present even if it's no longer accounted for. I want to sit in a diner on 39th Street in Brooklyn, order everything on the menu and then eat every single bite over the next 150 long and wasted years.

This record will kick you in the side of the head repeatedly because sometimes that's just the way it goes... And Eden is still burning while nobody really seems to notice or give a damn. This Tempest was long overdue.

Charles Cicirella