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Playlist: Five Songs for a Cold Winter Day

Bob Dylan 101 Playlist: Five Songs for a Cold Winter Day

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Talkin’ New York [Bob Dylan – Columbia – 1962]
One of two original compositions on this Bob Dylan’s first album. The song describes his feelings on arriving in New York, his time playing coffee houses in Greenwich Village and his life up to getting a record deal. “Walk around with nowhere to go / Somebody could freeze right to the bone / I froze right to the bone.”

Girl From The North Country [The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan – Columbia – 1963]
It does not matter who this song was written about or if it was even written specifically about one person. That’s none of our business. What does matter is how heartfelt this song is and how even now when performed all these years later it still pulls at the heartstrings.

On A Night Like This [Planet Waves – Columbia – 1974]
“Hold on to me so tight / And heat up some coffee grounds.” An everyday poet who parses words better than all the rest. If you’re in desperate need of heat put on this record and let it burn, burn, burn, burn on a night like this.

Winterlude [New Morning – Columbia – 1970]
Bob as a country gentleman, hanging out with Archibald MacLeish and getting completely snockered. Bob Dylan is a teller of tall tales even when those tales prove to be true in the end. Remember they are chronicles not memoirs and there’s a difference between the two.

Summer Days [“Love And Theft” – Columbia – 2001]
Perfect song to warm you up on a cold winter day. The man truly is a fighting rooster and we will never believe his motor is starting to stall.

Charles Cicirella