Foxwoods to Atlantic City

Aug 16, 2008

Bob Dylan’s tour hit the felt at Foxwoods last night and brought out some low-odds rarities: Chimes of Freedom and I Believe In You.

The following night in Atlantic City brought more rare choices, including Lenny Bruce and Visions of Johanna.

A report from the field at Foxwoods, from a longtime correspondent and rather discriminating fan:
“The show was at a very high level and stayed there. Bob’s voice was very good, the sound in the venue was superior, and the crowd surprisingly was very excited and into it for a casino crowd… Chimes of Freedom was tremendous. I Believe In You was a real great surprise as well. Right after Til’ I Fell In Love With You, Tony, Bob, and Stu huddled together at the keyboard. Nettie Moore followed and was very passionately sung. Whatever they decided probably pertained to the next song which was Thunder On The Mountain to close the main set…Bob was not laughing or being playful like in Philadelphia or Asbury Park but was in a good mood. … It was a really wonderful show which was one where you didn’t know what song was coming next and the ones that came featured some great songs.”

Another great Foxwoods report from Blues Booze Books and Bobs.

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