Midwest Sojourn

Aug 23, 2008

Bob Dylan and his band played Cincinnati Friday, Elizabeth Saturday, and Sunday in Evansville, Indiana.

Cincinnati was treated to old favorites like The Times They Are A-Changin’ and Just Like A Woman and some modern classics from “Time Out of Mind” and “Love and Theft”: Love Sick, High Water, and Honest With Me.

Elizabeth’s Caesars hit the jackpot with Visions of Johanna and The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, always highlights for dedicated listeners.

Marty Rosen’s Elizabeth review from the Courier-Journal.

Evansville fans have already submitted some very favorable comments. Here’s what fpontin had to say:

“It was an outstanding concert, in a great venue. The band was in top-form, the live versions of Stuck Inside a Mobile, I believe in you, Thunder on the mountain and Not Dark Yet were highlights of the concert, and the encore with a very loud version of All Along the Watchtower was something else.
It was totally worth it to travel some 400 miles to watch Dylan, and though his voice is really low in this tour, I don’t think it compromised the quality of the show at all – actually, I believe it added a more bluesy feeling to most of the songs; at times it reminded me of John Lee Hooker or Wolf.”