Shot of Love

When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

Sometimes I wanna take to the road and plunder

Listen to Desolation Row


Thunder On The Mountain

Inside the museums, Infinity goes up on trial

The Best of Bob Dylan

Series Of Dreams

If you're looking for assistance, babe,;
Or if you just want some company;
Or if you just want a friend you can talk to,;
Honey, come and see about me.

John Wesley Harding

Little Drummer Boy

Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes RAW

Blood In My Eyes

But I will be back, I will survive,;
You'll never get rid of me as long as you're alive.

Empire Burlesque

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Ain't no altars on this long and lonesome road

Down in the Groove

Bob Dylan – Live at the Newport Folk Festival

I've been walking through the middle of nowhere;
Trying to get to heaven before they close the door

Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume II

Tangled Up In Blue

And every one of them words rang true;
And glowed like burnin' coal;
Pourin' off of every page;
Like it was written in my soul from me to you

Nashville Skyline

When The Deal Goes Down

You cast your spell and I went under,;
I find it so difficult to leave.


Must Be Santa

I can change, I swear, oh, oh,;
See what you can do.;
I can make it through,;
You can make it too.

The Bootleg Series, Vol 7: No Direction Home

Things Have Changed

I can still hear the sounds of those Methodist bells;
I'd taken the cure and had just gotten through

“Love and Theft”

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

If this is love then gimme more;
And more and more and more and more.

The Bootleg Series, Vol 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964


Oh what dear daughter 'neath the sun;
Would treat a father so,;
To wait upon him hand and foot;
And always tell him, "No"?

The Bootleg Series, Vol 8: Tell Tale Signs

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

the ancient empty street's too dead for dreaming

Springtime in New York: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 16 (1980-1985)

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese | Trailer | Netflix

the cops don't need you;
and man they expect the same

MTV Unplugged