The Bootleg Series, Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965 – 1966 Deluxe Edition

Must Be Santa

The pump don't work;
'Cause the vandals took the handles

Listen to Desolation Row

The Times They Are A-Changin’

When The Deal Goes Down

You breathed on me and made my life a richer one to live,;
When I was deep in poverty you taught me how to give

Christmas in the Heart

Things Have Changed

In your teardrops, I can see my own reflection

Blood on the Tracks

Tangled Up In Blue

We always did feel the same,;
We just saw it from a different point of view

Another Side of Bob Dylan

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Well, the road is rocky and the hillside's mud;
Up over my head nothing but clouds of blood

Bob Dylan at Budokan

Series Of Dreams

They'll stone ya when you're at the breakfast table.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

Well, I wanna be your lover, baby, I don't wanna be your boss.

Trouble No More – The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981


If you're looking for assistance, babe,;
Or if you just want some company;
Or if you just want a friend you can talk to,;
Honey, come and see about me.

Oh Mercy

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese | Trailer | Netflix

My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums,;
Should I leave them by your gate,;
Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?


When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

Gonna take dancing lessons do the jitterbug rag;
Ain't no shortcuts, gonna dress in drag;
Only a fool in here would think he's got anything to prove

Slow Train Coming

Blood In My Eyes

Last night I danced with a stranger;
But she just reminded me you were the one

More Blood, More Tracks – The Bootleg Series Vol. 14 Deluxe Edition

Little Drummer Boy

I know all about poison, I know all about fiery darts,;
I don't care how rough the road is, show me where it starts,;
Whatever pleases You, tell it to my heart.

Planet Waves

Thunder On The Mountain

But it's like I'm stuck inside a painting;
That's hanging in the Louvre

Bob Dylan

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Does she know I still care?

The Basement Tapes

Bob Dylan – Live at the Newport Folk Festival

I'm in a cowboy band

Nashville Skyline