The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes RAW

Series Of Dreams

How long can I stay in this nowhere café

Listen to Desolation Row

The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – Live at the Newport Folk Festival

Yes, my guard stood hard when abstract threats;
Too noble to neglect;
Deceived me into thinking;
I had something to protect

Hard Rain

Things Have Changed

When my life is over, it'll be like a puff of smoke

Real Live

Must Be Santa

Sometimes the devil likes to drive you from the neighborhood.;
He'll even work his ways through those whose intentions are good.

Rough and Rowdy Ways

When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

Tough Mama;
Can I blow a little smoke on you?

John Wesley Harding

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

For all eternity I think I will remember;
That icy wind that's howling in your eye.

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait

Little Drummer Boy

Ever since you walked right in, the circle's been complete

The Bootleg Series, Vol 7: No Direction Home


In the fury of the moment I can see the Master's hand;
In every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand.


Thunder On The Mountain

The country music station plays soft;
but there's nothing, really nothing, to turn off

“Love and Theft”

Tangled Up In Blue

Nations are angry, cursed are some,;
People are expecting a false peace to come.

Highway 61 Revisited

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

if every bone in his body was broken he would never admit it

The Basement Tapes

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese | Trailer | Netflix

Now the moon is almost hidden;
The stars are beginning to hide;
The fortunetelling lady;
Has even taken all her things inside

Together Through Life

Blood In My Eyes

All my friends have told me;
If I hang around with you;
That I'll go blind

Shadows in the Night

When The Deal Goes Down

I was burned out from exhaustion, buried in the hail,;
Poisoned in the bushes an' blown out on the trail,;
Hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn.

Greatest Hits Volume 3

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

In the home of the brave, Jefferson turnin' over in his grave

The Best of Bob Dylan