Hard Rain

Won't you descend from the throne, from where you sit?

John Wesley Harding

Oh it's rush hour now;
On the wheel and the plow;
And the sun is going down;
Upon the sacred cow.

Together Through Life

Whatever you wanted;
Slipped out of my mind

The Bootleg Series Vol. 17: Fragments – Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996–1997)

Somethin' there is about you that I can't quite put my finger on.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The night is pitch black, come an' make my;
Pale face fit into place, ah, please!

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965 – 1966 Deluxe Edition

Down the highway, down the tracks, down the road to ecstasy,;
I followed you beneath the stars, hounded by your memory,;
And all your ragin' glory.

Real Live

My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums,;
Should I leave them by your gate,;
Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?

Highway 61 Revisited

And I can't let go, won't let go, and I can't let go no more.

The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

Yes, I know now, traps are only set by me;
And I do not really need to be;
Assured that love is just a four-letter word

Dylan & The Dead

'Twas then that I knew what he had on his mind.

Blonde on Blonde

I was in a whirlwind, now I'm in some better place.

The Basement Tapes

Ring them bells, for the time that flies,;
For the child that cries;
When innocence dies.

Rough and Rowdy Ways

I've been down on the bottom of a world full of lies;
I ain't looking for nothing in anyone's eyes

Bob Dylan in Concert: Brandeis University 1963

The sky is trembling, And I must leave.

The Best of Bob Dylan

You'd better do somethin' quick;
She's your lover now.

Before the Flood

Everybody's doin' something,;
I heard it in a dream,;
But when there's too much of nothing,;
It just makes a fella mean.

MTV Unplugged

I've been hit too hard, I've seen too much;
Nothing can heal me now, but your touch

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait

I see nothing to be gained by any explanation;
There are no words that need to be said

Springtime in New York: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 16 (1980-1985)

God is in heaven;
And we all want what's his;
But power and greed and corruptible seed;
Seem to be all that there is


And you, you took me in,;
You loved me then;
You didn't waste time.

Bob Dylan

Let's try to get beneath the surface waste, girl,;
No more booby traps and bombs,;
No more decadence and charm,;
No more affection that's misplaced, girl

Blood on the Tracks

I said, "You know they refused Jesus, too";
He said, "You're not Him"

Under the Red Sky

Heard the sound of a clown who cried in the alley

Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume II

You cast your spell and I went under,;
I find it so difficult to leave.

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Complete

Guess it's too late to say the things to you;
That you needed to hear me say.

Self Portrait

Roses are red, violets are blue;
And time is beginning to crawl

Another Side of Bob Dylan

But it's like I'm stuck inside a painting;
That's hanging in the Louvre

Good as I Been to You

We're idiots, babe.;
It's a wonder we can even feed ourselves.