The night is pitch black, come an' make my;
Pale face fit into place, ah, please!

MTV Unplugged

The sun's not yellow it's chicken

The Bootleg Series, Vol 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975

I stood alone upon the ridge and all I did was watch.

Bob Dylan In Concert: Brandeis University 1963

It was gravity which pulled us down and destiny which broke us apart

Together Through Life

So take heed, take heed of the western wind

The Bootleg Series, Vol 8: Tell Tale Signs

Thought I'd shaken the wonder and the phantoms of my youth

Real Live

You can't get to glory by the raising and the lowering of no flag.;
Put your goodness next to God's and it comes out like a filthy rag.

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 12: The Best of The Cutting Edge 1965 – 1966

So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.

The Bootleg Series, Vol 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966

If you want somebody you can trust, trust yourself.


He bought me with a price,;
Freed me from the pit,;
Full of emptiness and wrath;
And the fire that burns in it.

Oh Mercy

Well, there's voices in the night trying to be heard;
I'm sitting here listening to every mind polluting word

Good As I Been To You

Well, I wanna be your lover, baby, I don't wanna be your boss.

Christmas In The Heart

But it's like I'm stuck inside a painting;
That's hanging in the Louvre

The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration – Deluxe Edition

Oh what dear daughter 'neath the sun;
Would treat a father so,;
To wait upon him hand and foot;
And always tell him, "No"?


I can't help it if I'm lucky.

Time Out Of Mind

When you think that you lost everything;
You find out you can always lose a little more

The Best Of The Original Mono Recordings

I want to thank You, Lord,;
I just want to thank You, Lord,;
Thank You, Lord.

Blonde On Blonde