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Bob Dylan 101: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – Columbia – 1962

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Singing from the Bible. Not God’s Bible, but the bible of man – a common man – a desperate and dispirited man. His back broken – his faith swallowed up in a dustbowl of disease and disuse. Listen to the harp blowing like a train whistle. Woody’s ghost? No, what we’re hearing is the beginnings of a character named Bob Dylan wrapped in an American flag of hunger and thirst.

Understand he was learning – soaking in everything around him like a sponge – a Mynah Bird – a chameleon, and still there’s something new – something not quite heard before. Just a boy from the Midwest and already a myth – a smoke ring – a magic swirling ship – a jingle jangle morning brought to fruition through faith, genius and an iron ore intellect.

Like Robert Johnson before him, Bob must have met the Devil down at the crossroads because the technical ability he amassed in just a couple of months when going back to Minneapolis in mid-May of 1961 and then returning to New York City is something to behold.

America the beautiful – America the mutt – America the profane and America the sacred. The music caught between Heaven and Hell – Mississippi and New York City. A rocking, rollicking train ride of great proportions and narrow alleyways. In fact this is Genesis following the beat of its own drummer.

Charles Cicirella