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Bob Dylan 'The Basement Tapes Complete' Exclusive Track Premieres

Listen to all the exclusive track premieres so far from Bob Dylan's The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Complete. There are more premieres to come, and much more to hear in the box set!

The Lyrics: Since 1962 now available

The Lyrics: Since 1962: A major new limited edition which includes published lyrics, plus variants as recorded and performed live.

Available for order now!

The Basement Tapes To Be Released November 4

At long last, the complete Basement Tapes have been restored and will be released on November 4 in 2-disc and 6-disc packages! Learn more and pre-order now!

Lost on the River to be released November 11

In 1967, during the creation of the original Basement Tapes, Bob Dylan left a sheaf of handwritten lyrics unrecorded. Now a band of great musicians have come together to create and record new music to these lyrics.