Dylan & The Dead (1988)

Liner notes:

Dylan And The Dead
Released 01/18/1988

Produced By Jerry Garcia and John Cutler

Engineered by John Cutler and Guy Charbonneau

Additional Engineers -- Gary Hedden, David Roberts, Peter Miller, Billy Rothschild, Chris Wiskes

Digital Mastering -- Joe Gastwirt
Concert Sound -- Dan Healy
Grateful Dead Crew -- Ram Rod, Bill Candelario, Steve Parish, Harry Popick, Robbie Taylor, Billy Grillo, Bob Bralove
Lighting Designer -- Mike Fischer
Album Coordination/Tour Manager -- Cameron Sears
Legal Counsel -- Hal Kant

Grateful Dead Office -- Eileen Law, Janet Knudsen, Sue Stephens, Mary Jo Meinolf, Maruska Nelson, Annette Flowers, Basia Raizene, Diane Geoppo, Nancy Mallonee

Club Front -- Bill Legate, Brian Williams, Dick Latvala
Cover Art -- Rick Griffin
Photograph -- Herb Greene
Layout -- Allen Weinberg
Publicity -- Dennis McNally

Recorded Live -- July 1987
Mixed at Club Front, San Rafael, California -- November 1988

Special Thanks To:

Elliot Roberts
Bill Graham Presents
Monarch Entertainment -- John Scher
Ultrasound -- Mike "Snake Charmer" Brady
Le Mobile
GHL Recording
Studer Revox -- Fred Layn
Never -- Nigel Totes
David Nelson
Billy Crow
Patricia Harris
Steve Marcus
Queen Florinda Baker
Don Devito -- Columbia Records
Steve Berkowitz -- Columbia Records
Jack Rovner -- Columbia Records
Frank Gironda -- Lookout Management

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