‘Triplicate’ Available Now

Aug 21, 2017

Bob Dylan’s new three-disc album, Triplicate, is available today. Triplicate features 30 brand new recordings of classic American songs presented in three individually named and thematically-arranged 10-song sequences.

Triplicate is available digitally, as a 3-CD 8-Panel Digipaka 3-LP vinyl set and a Deluxe Vinyl Limited Edition packaged in a numbered case. 10 of the album’s tracks are also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.


“Majestic.” ★★★★½ Stars — Rolling Stone

“A sensitive and exquisite 30-song extravaganza.” — The Guardian

“As he sings these mountain-scaling melodies and conjures the ghosts of vanished lovers hovering over the verses, he doesn’t just bring these songs back to life. He makes a pretty good case for why they should live forever.” — NPR

“Strong performances, great repertoire, some of his best singing in years.” — Mojo