Beyond the Horizon

Written by: Bob Dylan
Beyond the horizon, behind the sun
At the end of the rainbow life has only begun
In the long hours of twilight ’neath the stardust above
Beyond the horizon it is easy to love
I’m staring out the window
Of an ancient town
Petals from flowers
Falling to the ground
Beyond the horizon, in the springtime or fall
Love waits forever, for one and for all

Beyond the horizon, across the divide
’Round about midnight, we’ll be on the same side
Down in the valley the water runs cold
Beyond the horizon someone’s prayin’ for your soul
I lost my true lover
In the dusk, in the dawn
I have to recover
Get up and go on
Beyond the horizon, beyond love’s burning game
Every step that you take, I’m walking the same

Beyond the horizon, the night winds blow
The theme of a melody from many moons ago
The bells of St. Mary, how sweetly they chime
Beyond the horizon I found you just in time
Slipping and sliding
Too late to stop
Riding and gliding
It’s lonely at the top
Beyond the horizon, the sky is so blue
I’ve got more than a lifetime to live lovin’ you

Copyright © 2006 by Special Rider Music