If this is love then gimme more;
And more and more and more and more.

The Bootleg Series, Vol 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964

I can tell you fancy, I can tell you plain;
You give something up for everything you gain

Modern Times

Silver and gold;
Won't buy back the beat of a heart grown cold

Greatest Hits Volume 3

I'm goin' down to Tennessee,;
Get me a truck 'r somethin'.;
Gonna save my money and rip it up!

Together Through Life

Lay down your weary tune, lay down,;
Lay down the song you strum,;
And rest yourself 'neath the strength of strings;
No voice can hope to hum.

Shot Of Love

Yesterday everything was going too fast;
Today, it's moving too slow

John Wesley Harding

My so-called friends have fallen under a spell.;
They look me squarely in the eye and they say, "All is well.";
Can they imagine the darkness that will fall from on high;
When men will beg God to kill them and they won't be able to die?

Planet Waves

They like to take all this money from sin, build big universities to study in;
Sing Amazing Grace all the way to the Swiss banks

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Here is your throat back;
Thanks for the loan

Nashville Skyline

She says, "What'll it be?";
I say, "I don't know, you got any soft boiled eggs?"

Shadows in the Night

And, when I was through;
I filled up my shoe;
And brought it to you.

Bob Dylan At Budokan

An' here I sit so patiently;
Waiting to find out what price;
You have to pay to get out of;
Going through all these things twice.

The Bootleg Series, Vol 8: Tell Tale Signs

Oh, jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule