The Bootleg Series, Vol 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

The sky is erupting, I must go where it's quiet.

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Now the moon is almost hidden;
The stars are beginning to hide;
The fortunetelling lady;
Has even taken all her things inside

Bob Dylan At Budokan

Thunder On The Mountain

Go melt back into the night, babe,;
Everything inside is made of stone.;
There's nothing in here moving, An' anyway I'm not alone.


Things Have Changed

It's the last temptation;
The last account;
The last time you might hear the sermon on the mount,;
The last radio is playing.

Nashville Skyline

Series Of Dreams

But it's like I'm stuck inside a painting;
That's hanging in the Louvre

New Morning

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Well, he can be fascinating, he can be dull,;
He can ride down Niagara Falls in the barrels of your skull.

Good As I Been To You

Little Drummer Boy

But the enemy I see wears a cloak of decency,;
All non-believers and men stealers talkin' in the name of religion

Under The Red Sky

Must Be Santa

I have dined with kings, I've been offered wings, And I've never been too impressed.

Oh Mercy

When The Deal Goes Down

What good am I if I say foolish things;
And I laugh in the face of what sorrow brings;
And I just turn my back while you silently die,;
What good am I?