The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait

Must Be Santa

Just what do you think you have to guard?

Listen to Desolation Row

Planet Waves

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

You know, the streets are filled with vipers;
Who've lost all ray of hope,;
You know, it ain't even safe no more;
In the palace of the Pope.

Knocked Out Loaded


For the loser now;
Will be later to win

The Bootleg Series, Vol 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964

Blood In My Eyes

She was born in spring, but I was born too late

Shadows in the Night

When The Deal Goes Down

The ghost of 'lectricity howls in the bones of her face

Shot Of Love

Things Have Changed

If he needs a third eye he just grows it

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes RAW

Series Of Dreams

Well, it's always been my nature to take chances;
My right hand drawing back while my left hand advances

Together Through Life

When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

Somebody's got to find your trail,;
I guess it must be up to me.

Fallen Angels

Thunder On The Mountain

Put your hand on my head, baby, do I have a temperature?

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 12: The Best of The Cutting Edge 1965 – 1966

Little Drummer Boy

We sat in an empty theater and we kissed,;
I asked ya please to cross me off-a your list.

The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration – Deluxe Edition

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

as long as the world keeps a-turnin', I just keep a-turnin' too.

Down In The Groove

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

I got troubles, I think maybe you got troubles,;
I think maybe we'd better leave each other alone.