Tell Me

Written by: Bob Dylan
Tell me—I’ve got to know
Tell me—Tell me before I go
Does that flame still burn, Does that fire still glow
Or has it died out and melted like the snow
Tell me
Tell me

Tell me—what are you focused upon
Tell me—will it come to me after you’re gone
Tell me quick with a glance on the side
Shall I hold you close or shall I let you go by
Tell me
Tell me

Are you lookin’ at me and thinking of somebody else
Can you feel the heat and the beat of my pulse
Do you have any secrets
That will only come out in time
Do you lay in bed and stare at the stars
Is your main friend someone who’s an old acquaintance of ours
Tell me
Tell me

Tell me—what’s in back of them pretty brown eyes
Tell me—behind what door your treasure lies
Ever gone broke in a big way
Ever done the opposite of what the experts say
Tell me
Tell me

Is it some kind of game that you’re playin’ with me
Am I imagining something that never can be
Do you have any morals
Do you have any point of view
Is that a smile I see on your face
Will it take you to glory or to disgrace
Tell me
Tell me

Tell me—is my name in your book
Tell me—will you go back and take another look
Tell me the truth, tell me no lies
Are you someone whom anyone prays for or cries
Tell me
Tell me

Copyright © 1983 by Special Rider Music