Some things last longer than you think they will;
There are some kind of things you can never kill

Bob Dylan


I'm in a cowboy band

The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

I got nothing left to burn


When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night

The Bootleg Series, Vol 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975

Things Have Changed

I'm in love with a woman who don't even appeal to me

The Bootleg Series, Vol 1-3: Rare & Unreleased 1961-1991

Get the loot, don't be slow, we're gonna catch a trout

Blonde On Blonde

So long, New York.;
Howdy, East Orange.

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait

Love is so simple, to quote a phrase,;
You've known it all the time, I'm learnin' it these days.


Wealth is a filthy rag;
So erotic so unpatriotic;
So wrapped up in the American flag

The Best of Bob Dylan

They said it was the land of milk and honey,;
now they say it's the land of money.;
Who ever thought they could ever make that stick.

MTV Unplugged

Now somebody's got to show their hand, time is an enemy

The Essential Bob Dylan

There's some people that;
You don't forget,;
Even though you've only seen'm;
One time or two.

Together Through Life

They tell me everything is gonna be all right;
But I don't know what "all right" even means

Dylan & The Dead